Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gasp! Errors Found in Blog!

The Evil Twins, HP and Mini-Me, who actually write the Blog.  That's Mini-Me doing the lap dance.

I have been informed by people who check on these things that the Honda EU1000 has a 0.6 gallon tank.  Which is about 5 pints, not 1 pint, as I erroneously averred.  Perhaps I will correct the former post, when I get a chance.  I was relying on a distant memory of the first one I owned, back in 2003.

Bad memory!  Bad! Bad! Bad!

You can look it up.  I could have looked it up.  I apologize.  I have no wish to misinform anybody, and will gladly correct any mistakes that are pointed out to me.  But I am still impressed.  Honda claims 8.3 hours for the tank of 0.6 gallons.  When I get 4 or 5 hours to the tank (I am nothing if not imprecise), at an hour a day, that is fuel use in the range of a pint a day, or a little less than 4 gallons a month.  ("Just to show I can do simple math," he claimed overconfidently.)

Maybe 11 bucks.  For all the electricity I can use.  Can you do that at home?

Let me tell you about this blog.  When one sets sail upon a sea of words, as I have, sometimes the only way to make progress through the doldrums is to leave pride behind.  It's mostly bilge anyway.  This blog will always be a continuous draft.

Perhaps it is my mind and my habits that are on a shakedown cruise, rather than poor Daze.

There is some evidence I am slowly improving by dint of effort, much as she is.  For instance, when I first made acquaintance with Herself, she got 7 mpg, just pulling her own weight.  When pulling two motorcycles and a pair of large brothers around the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas back in June, and even on the Interstate coming back to Texas (what was I thinking?), she got 6 mpg.  I now realize that is because I was trying to go 70 mph and impress the truckers, instead of being content with 50.

Just last week, in the Panhandle of Texas?   The Daze outdid herself:  7.9 mpg, pulling 1700 lb. of trailer with the Beast.

Okay, then, since I wasn't able to distract you, how have I improved?  By schooling myself to not need the Internet.  Of course a Blog is nothing without it, but there is no need to insist on writing only while actually on line, as I have been doing.  Errors will creep in, when I cannot check on facts the second I commit them to pixels.  Too bad.

Ben Franklin famously suggested that moral perfection is simply a matter of system and application.  I guess I'll never know.  Much of the time, given my penchant for sleeping in the high woods, there is internet service only when I pass through a large town, usually on the Beast, snatching a few minutes in some place serving ridiculously expensive coffee, or even outside sitting on the back of the Beast.  This is not a climate suitable for extensive revision.

You know the routine from the soaps.  Looking for Mr. Perfect?  Or Mr. Perfect Right Now?

O, it's all such a sad story.  When I AM fortunate enough to find an internet cafe, I am usually under time pressure, as I drove 30 miles to get there, and it's getting dark, and my back hurts, and the conversation people are having next to me is so much more interesting than what I am writing anyway, etc.

You get the drift.  Any excuse will do.

The improvement part is that I'm trying to do a little editing before posting.  Gasp.  And then a little more.  With patience.  And that means I should not be in such a hurry to get every cherished nugget immediately into cyberspace.  A few extra days won't kill anybody.  Many an idle thought is best left unblurted.  It's ready when it's ready.

I fear nothing will clear away every error.  It was only a short while ago that I was just a bush ape, hoo-hawing through the trees.  Now I am Homo Intelensis, Data Man.

But I miss the old hoohaw, now and then.

Bob, doing more than he is writing.


Anonymous said...

to err is human...

-Dr. Pangloss

Jennifer said...

lap dance. that is damn funny.

Bob Giddings said...

Dr. P: Yes, but this was an Err of the Chaldees.

J: With Mini-me around I am never left laptopless. She's an impulsive lass, and impudent, but it's fun to watch her grow up.