I Used To Have A Blog

And for some reason it acquired a minor notoriety.  The sort that makes it turn up on the first page if you google my name.  I called it "Speed Bumps", and it told how I turned semi-pro wanderer after I retired from the Austin Fire Department.  Lived full time in a fifth wheel, took it all over the West, and fleshed out  the usual cliches of a retirement refugee.

You can read all about it here, if you want.  Or, if that gets swept up in Don's housecleaning, or you just get dizzy when you depart from All Things Google, you can look here.

When I got back from Alaska in late 05, I was about tripped out.  I guess I OD'd on wanderlust. My house was suffering from 3 years of neglect, so I got into landscaping.  I still fully intended to take off in the spring of 06, even bought a new set of tires for the trailer. But when the time came to go, I stayed.  

Go figure.  As the Amazing Rhythm Aces used to sing, I was "born with a couple of breaks, couldn't leave well enough alone."  

When I quit traveling, I mostly lost my voice.  Domesticity is pretty boring, even if it's your domus.  But I did take a few notes, and I'll probably put them on a tab up there like this one, to make a sort of segue to the current stuff.  Or maybe I'll just leave the last five years a mystery. They certainly are a mystery to me.

Y'see, I've started moving again.  I sold the trailer.  But then last year I bought a small Motorhome.  Then my brother bought a motorcycle.  Sibling rivalry being what it is, so did I. We ran off to Arkansas to try them out.  And now it's August of 2010, and it's damn hot in Texas. So I'm about to clear out for the mountains of Colorado, dragging the Vulcan behind the Lazy Daze.  

Maybe I've got something to talk about again.  Time will tell.  Anyhow, if you've found your way here, you are welcome to tag along.  I'm going to have a little fun.  Maybe you will, too.

Bob Giddings

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Jack B. Nimble said...

Well, I'll be damned. Have read and recommended your Speed Bumps so often and wondered, often, where you went. I've missed you, and I'm anxious to read your writings, again. Just found you moments ago. Just a whim and googled "Giddings". So, I'm starting at the beginning. A Bike. Hmm...damn fool...but a fool of surprises.