Monday, August 23, 2010

Le Getaway

I have a superpower. Something I can do better than anyone in the world. It borders on the supernatural. No, it's not procrastination. I'm only approaching genius level at that. And no, I can't fly, though that would be nice. I wouldn't need a motorhome.

What I CAN do, beyond any other mortal, is lose things that are right in front of me. Which makes it tough to make my getaway. Maybe when Alzheimer's finally sets in, it will be a blessing. Not only won't I remember where I put things FIVE MINUTES AGO, but I won't remember that I even needed them. Which I probably didn't. Smiles all around.

In the meantime, I end up buying two of almost everything. Well, there's only one Daze.

I have discovered there is some appetite among the congnoscenti for endless pictures of the most mundane aspects of the Daze. She is something of a celebrity, and I have become merely her manager. So here are some of the latest pics taken by the persistent and annoying Bobarazzi. Stay behind the rope, please.

At the top of the page is Her Grandiloquence, moments before setting out on her whirlwind tour.

Below, her lowly manager's quarters, with a rat's nest of necessary wires. I'm not sure how to clean that up. It all has to stay loose, so I can grab the phone when pestered by her adoring fans. There's also connections for a cell phone attenna, cell phone charger, netbook, and GPS receiver. Ain't we connected, though?

Here's a closeup of two handy items that Daze recommends. The item on the left is a WIFI signal booster. And on the right is that portable cell phone antenna. Both items are of a certain age, but then so is the Daze. They all still manage to get the job done.

The Daze is nothing if not...ah...commodious.

Here is Le Pantry:

Le Office:

Le Closet:

Les Potznpans:

Le Auxiliary Power Center:

Le Boudoir:

And let's not forget the absolute necessities, manager-wise. Coffee pot, paper plates, tabasco. Ahhhh. And sometimes you feel like a nut.

Against Her Splendor's emphatic instructions, I attempted a pic of the bath, but it's too close in there to get one. It's quite a large shower, but I just can't get far enough away to focus on the whole room. My other camera has a macro lens. Would you like a full page spread of the soap dish?

Well, that's lenough of lecraplikethat. We are off and away. Next missive from Le Road.

Le Bob


Kerri said...

Too funny! Love the Daze... she deserves to be in the spotlight.

I hope that your brother continues to improve and that you are able to laugh together again very soon. You have an amazing sense of humor and waywithwords... :-)

Kerri in AL :-)

Bob Giddings said...

Thanks, Kerri. My brother is doing as well as can be expected. It's a slow process.