Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fixin' Things Up

Err.... I got it in a knife fight.  You oughta see the other guy.

Well, I got back on Friday, just in time to mow a month's worth of grass on one of the last sweltering days of the summer.

There is also some news on the Save Bob From Himself front:

1.  Remember my shock that I'd lost 4 inches in my waist?  The warnings that unexplained weight loss was a sign of dire things to come?  The inches are still off, but the weight loss was only 13 pounds.  That must have been all in the waist.  I can't explain it.  My brother may have been right about motorcycles being good for your waistline.

2.  The operation on my left hand for a spot of skin cancer was entirely successful.  The surgeon had drawings to go by, or she might not have found the spot.  Pathologist says there's nothing there, and the wound is healing nicely, though it is problematic to touch type.

3.  I had my left leg X-rayed where I hit a rock while bouncing down a mountain road.  Just a bone bruise, which will heal completely in time.

So far, so good.

The only bad news is that Le Daze got an owie when the suction cups that held the cell phone antenna to the back window let go unexpectedly and the darn thing fell and hit a bit of plastic trim:

Ping!  Ouch!

Le Daze is in very good shape for her age.  But the fact is that plastic trim dries up and becomes brittle over 18 to 20 years.  It still looks good, but it is no longer flexible enough to take a sharp blow.  I think this example can be cured with Superglue, but I really have to watch it.  There is plastic trim everywhere, and it may be hard to find replacements at this remove in time.

That's the news from central Texas.  Back in the house again.  Catching up on "Mad Men".  As soon as the bandages come off my hand, I hope to begin some of those Andy Baird inspired improvements to my travel gear.

Happy Trails till next time, buckaroos!


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Anonymous said...

what about a light coat of some rubber spray paint for the plastic?