Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello there.   This is The Voice From The Future.  Hoo hoo hah hah hah hah.  The date is actually September 12, 2010, despite what you see above.

TVFTF is a clever device to inject timely commentary at precisely the right time.  Huh?  Well, unfortunately I seem to always be about a week behind in the blog, or more, due the exigencies of this thing called Life.  I can do things, or I can write about them, but not at the same time.

I try to keep events in sequence, so thrilling adventures are not lost untimely below the fold.  This morning I woke up with a sore shoulder and a blue knee due to the motorcycle crash (stay tuned).  But before I hie me to a hot spring on this glorious Sunday, I'd like to note a milestone of sorts.

Today (real time) is exactly 1 month since I introduced this blog.

According to the pocket protector types at Blogger, there been 5185 "page views" in that time.  Including one from China, oddly enough.  Now whether that number includes 5000 bored and idle punters passing through, or simply 5 or 6 ominously compulsive stalkers, I want you to know you are welcome.

Even you robots, if you behave yourselves.

I never intended to collect numbers like this.  I never have before.  I have no idea what they mean, if anything.  It's probably just numerical porn.  And of course a month is an arbitrary slice of time.  But since Blogger presents this information to me willy nilly, I thought I'd share it with you.

Thanks for the interest, I guess.  See you soon.  We now return you to your irregularly scheduled programming.



Anonymous said...

you need to listen more to your posters!!

i hope being black & blue is the worst of the damage to both you and the beast...


Anonymous said...

Since I got the blame for the first bad encounter of your trip by calling you while you were playing with your spaghetti of wiring in your truck, I need to make sure everyone understand that I had nothing to do with the Doe jumping in front of you in New Mexico. Nor did I have anything to do with the two deer jumping in front of you in Colorado. But most of all, I had nothing to do with you trying to turn the "Beast" into a "Dirt Bike" and climbing Engineer Pass. Brings back a memory from another time we were in Colorado when you decided to climb a hill but we won't mention that.
We all have our limits, including you!
Love you, brother, but you keep trying to get to an early grave just to prove a point! As I have mentioned before...I am still in your Will...Right?
Later and Be Careful!
Brother Mike

McZippie said...

I hit your site about once per day 'cause I like the way you write about the mundane and make it appear interesting. Nice gift/skill you got there.
Heal fast!

Bob Giddings said...

Bro: It's got to be your fault, some way or other. Let me think on it, I'll come up with something.

McZip: If I didn't write about the mundane, what on earth would I have to write about?


McZippie said...

Exactly... Most of life is mundane, isn't one of the rules of 'good writing' is write about what one knows best. I know the mundane very well, but there is no way I can describe it with your flair.
Keep on blogging, you're very entertaining.

Aeagles said...

I heard about you from Jennifer and don't remember what link sent me to her. I follow Andy and Rae and a bunch of blogs that all have links...it's really quite the network. I'm getting me a new to me Lazy Daze pretty soon. Put a down payment on one and am in process of opting out of the working world. Enjoy your blog and of course the LD encounters with the vehicle itself and with others who ride around in them. Your blog is interesting so I've read all of it. It's kind of vicarious enjoyment and future planning for me...Keep up the good work :) It will be me and my two rescued cats along for the adventure. Andrea