Monday, July 1, 2013



I’ve started traveling again.

And as you can see, I’ve streamlined my act a bit.  The last time you heard from me I was moseying about in a Lazy Daze Class C, with a Motorcycle hanging out behind.  Now I have a Dodge truck and a 17 foot stick-and-tin trailer. 

My brother’s accident set this blog back a bit.  Then when he got lung cancer and passed away the following year, it just stopped.  It was a case of having nothing useful to say and too much to talk about, all at the same time.  If you catch my drift.

“Catch Me If You Can” has become an iffy title for the blog, because as it turned out I got caught rather easily.  Big-time.  Perhaps I should start anew with an different smart aleck title.  It isn’t as if a few don’t come to mind.

But if life can be full of gaps, why not blogs?  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to begin with July 2013, in Colorado, and make posts of some letters to family and friends.  They are not all that personal, and may be mildly educational for those of you that have not traveled the road I’m on.  But indeed, there may not be any of “you” left after my personal interregnum.  That will be as it may.

I expect that things may not be exactly sequential for a while.  My last post was about the birth of my grandaughter.  She’s 16 months old now, and learning to say “no”.  That’s a critical juncture in any woman’s life.  She’s a quick learner.  I expect by the time I return in September she will be doing her own shopping.

There won’t be anything new before the post called "Hostage Taker", but everything since will be dated in some approximate manner for a while, including perhaps a few bridge pieces about the last two years.  I will be posting those from memory, in a gesture towards overall coherence.  But I have actually begun writing again right after the Fourth of July 2013.

You can keep looking back for new stuff if you want.  There will be some.  But I expect to be going forward as well. Bear in mind that I am doing all this from the side of the road.

Wish me luck.  And ya'll have a nice day.



Shadowmoss said...

I'm still here. I have some gaps in my blog as well. Welcome back.

Aeagles said...

So glad you're back! Met you last summer near Silverton.