Monday, February 13, 2012


I intended posting earlier, but events left me wordless.  At 3:30 Saturday morning I was rudely awakened by a breathless call from my stepson.  "We're in the Delivery Room at St. David's.  We're having a baby!  See you in a couple of hours!"

Evie was born at 1014.  An easy delivery with no complications.  6 lb 15 oz.  Ten fingers, ten toes, a lovely pink complexion, and a decided ability to turn everyone around her giddy. Seems a contented lass, as long as she gets fed not long after she starts sucking her fingers.  About every 2 hours.  Apparently finger-sucking is baby sign language for "Feed me!"  Failure is not an option.

Yes ma'am.

Mother and daughter are fine.  Dad looks like he's been through the wringer, but should recover.  Grandma is radiant.

Me?  I brought roses.


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Congratulations, Grampa! Little Evie is adorable. I hope you live close enough to enjoy her when you want and return her when you want. ;-) Glad Mom and baby are doing well and Dad is recovering.

Babies do tend to render one "wordless".

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