Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Daffy Metaphor

As I mentioned in the comments last time, Mike was doing great for a few weeks there.  Then last Sunday afternoon he got a ferocious bladder infection, had his temperature spike to 107 degrees, and went into seizure.  He is now back in ICU at South Austin Hospital.  The infection is under control, but he's still running 99 degrees.

He finally got off the ventilator today, and guess what was the first thing he said to me in that croaking voice?

"Don't let this stress you out."

Me?  He doesn't want ME to be stressed out?  Same to ya, bub.

I was reaching for a metaphor recently to describe the process of Mike's "recovery".  Nothing seemed to fit.  Then I ran into this old cartoon on Youtube:

Yep.  It's just like that.  And thaaat's all, Folks!

(I wish.)



Anonymous said...

nothing a jackhammer couldn't take care of, doesn’t ACME sell those?


Bob Giddings said...

Dan, I thought of that. But I went on their website, and some coyote had cleaned them out.