Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here's a problem I never considered solving:

I was at the dealer getting a new front tire when a guy road up on an Electra Glide with one of those little chinese dogs (chi-poo? something like that, with blond hair in it's eyes) sitting in the rear seat.  Nothing holding him in but will power.  The little dog waited patiently while he stopped and parked the bike, then jumped into his hands.  I asked the guy how far he had ridden like that, and he said a couple of miles from his home.

The dog rides everywhere with him around town.  When he first started carrying it, he tied it down with a leash so it couldn't jump off.  It never tried, so he left off the leash.   He did say he never goes over about 30 mph like that.  For longer and faster trips he uses a pet carrier strapped to the seat.

O, and the dog wasn't wearing a helmet, either.


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